One Member's View of Masonry  

"What Freemasonry Means To Me"

One member's personal view

Freemasonry is a leisure activity, which enables a person to achieve a level of self-fulfilment not usually attainable in everyday life.

It does this by providing a structured stairway of attainable goals, which are available to all that join, regardless of their origin, creed or academic ability. Contrary to popular belief, Freemasonry in itself provides no financial reward nor does it attract special consideration from other Freemasons in everyday activities.

The rewards that membership does bring are much greater. In my own case it has improved my self confidence and self esteem, it has stretched my mental ability to a level that I was previously unaware of and it has introduced me to a wide circle of friends whose company I value and enjoy.

By the magic of email, these friends are extended throughout the world

All these things are gained against a background of working and raising money for charitable causes both within and outside Freemasonry.

This does not just happen now and again but steadily and consistently throughout the whole membership.

People who "knock" this good and worthwhile pursuit, make a statement about themselves rather than about Freemasonry.